How to seo Wordpress Websites

SEO has become an an important and Integral part of a website development process. In this article you will get some some seo tips to SEO wordpress  websites. WordPress is actually a Blogging CMS on which we can create websites easily and quickly without having expertise in HTML or CSS. It has the basic features like a built in editor, free plug-ins and most importantly it is extremely search engine friendly.

How to SEO wordpress Website

Here are some of the basic tips on how to SEO wordpress websites :

The most important thing that you have to understand is the Domain Name. It is necessary to get the right domain name for your website with the right keywords included. It would help in ranking you on the search engines based on the keywords. For example, if your website is about guitar training, then you can use the names like, or, etc. You are to make sure that the keyword is present in the domain name. It is even better if the domain name is in the beginning of the website’s name.

Alt Tags - Image Optimization

If you are making use of pictures in the website, don’t give them the basic names like Picture1.jpg, Clipboard1.jpg, etc. Try giving them unique and meaningful names by using the keywords in it. Using the apt keywords would help in making out what your website is all about. For example, giving name to the pictures like guitar-chords-basics.jpg, guitar-training-tuts.jpg, etc. Try to put in the keywords where ever you get a chance.

Anchor Text Back Links

More the number of backlinks are included in your website, more it is liked by the search engines. Backlinks are defined as the links which point to your websites from outside the website content such as articles, blogs, etc. One of the important parts of backlink is the use of Anchor text. Take an example of the following text:

For more information on Guitar Training for Beginners, Click Here-

Here your anchor text in click “here”. You should try to make the anchor text as the keyword only. This is so because whenever the search engines index the link, they will index click here which would not be helpful to you in any case. You can use Anchor Text in the following way:

For more information, check Guitar Training for Beginners here.

In this example your anchor text is Guitar Training for Beginners. It includes your keywords and would be easier for the search engines to find you and the traffic on your website would increase.

Configure Permalinks :

It is important to configure the permalinks correctly. They are the URL’s that wordpress creates for the pages and the posts. WordPress   make use of ID numbers for the pages instead of titles. This would not help you in search engine Optimization   as you would not get the keyword advantages. To optimize these permalinks, you can change them in the permalinks setting tab within the WordPress.

WordPress Theme

To optimize WordPress you’ll need to look out for a high quality theme. A big difference can be made by the themes in search engine optimization. For example, a theme in WordPress as Headway, has built in features of SEO  . You can configure titles, Meta keywords and descriptions using this feature. It is a best deal to get hold of a professionally designed high quality theme since they are better optimized and performed way better in SEO than the normal ones.

SEO Plug-ins:

There are two main plug-in in Wordpress for SEO :
  • All in One SEO : this plug-in is available which is used to edit Meta Description, Title, and Meta for the home page or the individual pages.
  • Ultimate No-index No-follow: there are some pages in your website such as the Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions, etc are not required to be indexed as they don’t give profits and are termed as non money pages. You need to focus the search of the search engines to your main pages, and not on these non benefiting pages. So, with this plug-in, you can specify which pages have the No-follow and No-index tags.
As you can see, these are the very basic steps in optimizing the website using WordPress. Hence, it is wise to learn SEO   WordPress as it would be greatly helpful to you as the same steps are required in every website. However, it is advisable to take help of a professional to get the best results.


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