GOOGLE vs BING vs YAHOO search engine WAR

With Microsoft’s new Bing search engine , there has been a close competition between Google , Yahoo and Bing. All are trying to be the best in the field of world class search. Microsoft has included many features to its search engine like the Quick Previews which peek at a site prior to visiting it, Explorer Pane for more enhanced search, Sentiment Extraction and many more. Google is also not lagging behind to provide the extraordinary search service with its Street Views. Yahoo on the other hand is no weak opponent. With its rich Yahoo content network , Yahoo makes streaming audio and playing it within your search results. Let’s take a closer look at each of these search engines exclusively to know better about there working pattern.

Google vs Yahoo vs Bing 


Bing search engine
There are two kinds of search engine, each working on one particular type of mechanism. Bing is among those search engines that uses virtual robots known as spiders to index your website. The system of the engine is responsible for running this automated program i.e. spider. The spider is automatically send to your website for indexing once you submit your page to Bing through a submission form or any other way. The spider will gather all the information about your website, like the content on different pages, links and tags to other sites if any. As we all know that the technology is developing and improving every passing day, so are these spiders. It can read any content of a website, be it static or dynamic, and flash content and even video information. It always checks for any update available on your website and reports it to the central system.


Yahoo acquired a search technology on its own. In 2003, Yahoo came out with its own web crawler-based search engine. The crawler that is used by Yahoo is known as Yahoo! Slurp. This crawler has all the capabilities of different search engine that yahoo had acquired. Yahoo also uses a selection based search by which users can use only their mouse for searching and the results are shown in floating windows while the Yahoo! is still on. To be on the Yahoo commercial listing, websites have to pay certain amount of money to Yahoo. While the non-commercial contents are listed for free.


There are three main functioning units of Google search engine , namely: Google bot (crawler), query processor and an indexer. The Google bot, crawls through different web pages and transfer the information collected to the indexing database. To give a more deep knowledge, Google bot is actually consisted of many computers that frequents send request to thousands and thousands of websites at a time. There are three main components that function together to provide the desired result, query engine, user interface and, search result formatter. By including the machine learning methods in its search engine algorithm , Google is becoming more efficient.


Now let’s see the basic difference between Google , Bing and Yahoo search engine. Although all the three work on somehow the same principle, but  difference in the algorithms for ranking each website, used by each. If one looks closely, it can be seen that the biggest contributor for Yahoo are advertisers while for Google it’s the web surfers. It may be the reason for the better performance of Google over Yahoo on online search. If you are an advertiser then Yahoo is the best site for you as it provides much facility to cater the need of yours. When It comes to online shopping , all three major  search engines - Google , Bing and Yahoo generate almost similar results. They all show you pricing , Product reviews , specifications and Product related items.

The reason for the difference in the SEO traffic rate is the employment of different interface techniques for queries. Bing has implemented a unique technique in which it filters the content out of search results that the user is not interested in. Thus Bing ensures a spam free result of relevant topics which help it produce larger traffic for websites. Bing is gaining popularity which owes to their large media presence. They are also rising in the online advertising market. As a whole Bing is taking over Yahoo search engine.

Now summing everything, we can conclude that Google is currently the one at the strongest position and is capable of giving you quality Website traffic after applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques or Hiring a SEO company for the Search engine promotion services. But to be ahead of others, it has to keep on implementing new features and cater to the changing needs of the user. But the future is unknown to all, no one knows what it holds and how will these search engines be in future.


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